February 19

Interview Tips For The Job Seekers


There are many questions asked in a job interview. “What is your weakness?” is one of the interview questions that most of the job seekers find it is difficult or strange to answer. This is a kind of tricky question which force the job seeking candidates to utter something senseless. Before attending an interview, you should read what is your greatest weakness examples and be prepared to answer in a right way with confidence. The interviewer not only expects a good reply but also look into other aspects such as confidence, tone, etc. Preparation is the key to passing through the interview successfully.

Many candidates make mistakes on replying to the above-mentioned question. Some people try to tell their negatives as positives, such as I am too workaholic, I am too perfectionist, etc. Again, these kinds of answers are not going to impress the recruiters anyway as they sound well scripted. Some candidates refuse the answer the question, which is again a big fault. This makes them interviewer to feel that the candidate is trying to hide something. Some candidates are more focused on telling the truth and thereby eventually tell their actual weakness. Again, this can result in red flagging the candidates.

There are many reasons why the interviewer asks about your weakness. This question can make many people nervous, and many people will get easily exposed while answering to this question. You should answer the question in such a way that it sounds smart and authentic. There is nothing to worry as you can read the tips from The Career Mastery website to know how to increase your odds in the job interview. This website provides plenty of tips, which can really help any job seeking candidates. So, preparing for an interview is not a tough thing these days. All that you need is to do browse the Internet and do some preparations.

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