January 11

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolates

eating chocolate

Some people underrate the dark chocolates because they think it has some substance. If you pick the right chocolate, you can enjoy delicious chocolate. Since chocolate is rich in caffeine, it causes acne, cavities. The chocolate manufacturers make chocolates that combat these problems.

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The latest studies have found that consuming chocolates avoid heart diseases. You can check the complete details of the studies from the recent post in www.health.harvard.edu/.

Cocoa has an antibacterial agent that normally battles tooth decay. But most chocolates available in stores have high sugar content that it neutralizes the cocoa effect. Dark chocolate is rich in cocoa and prevents these problems.

Most people avoid chocolate since acne chocolate causes acne. Most health experts’ state that acne is not related to the food you intake and is normally caused by other factors such as genetics and hygiene.

Don’t believe, if anyone says chocolate has high caffeine content. Many bar chocolates don’t even contain half of the caffeine in cola and a very less amount of caffeine available in a cup of coffee.

Studies found out that consuming some amount of caffeine is good for your health. Eating a small amount of chocolate can definitely improve the theta waves in the brain to calm you. These waves are useful to boost your memory, concentration and relax.

The common myth about chocolate is that it is packed with carbohydrates. Dark chocolates have low sugar content than milk chocolates. The sugar level in dark chocolates is lower than the sugar added in most fruit juices. Consuming a piece of dark chocolate is no harm when you limit the dark chocolate intake.

It has plenty of antioxidants better option to consume than red wine, green tea, berries, etc. The foods rich in antioxidants are believed to support strengthen your immune system, avoid cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The antioxidants have some amount of anti-ageing properties. The numerous organic compounds present in Dark chocolates are active and perform as antioxidants. Some of them are flavanols, polyphenols, etc.

Many studies have proved that there is a direct connection between lower blood pressure and dark chocolates. But it is not true for white or milk chocolate, so observe what you consume. Dark chocolate is the best dessert option. It tastes delicious and good for your health.

Cocoa butter present in dark chocolates has equal levels of palmetic acids, oleic acids, and stearic acids. The stearic acid provides neutralized impact on cholesterol. Dark chocolates contain a lot of plant nutrients that create palmetic acid. The cocoa polyphenols in dark chocolates can control cholesterol.

Eating small dark chocolates have proved to decrease blood pressure of the diabetic person and reduce fasting blood sugar. Consuming Flavonoid-rich chocolates enhance the better performance of your cognitive abilities. The flavonols can trigger the arteries lining, endothelium to make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide pass signals to arteries to decrease blood flow resistance and also blood pressure.

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